Hello, I am Michel

Developer and BI/Analytics junkie
in a serverless world

Always looking for new interesting freelance projects!


About me

I've been a code monkey since 2002 working at digital agencies such as Framfab/LBi, Knowit, Ottoboni, and Creuna. During the last three years, I've been part of the startup scene as a CTO (Toborrow) and up until recently as Head of Product (APPRL).
I've always enjoyed creating stuff with code but have also become fond of digital analytics and BI, especially visualizations of data and to have a truly data-driven mindset.

What I Do?



Experienced in MVC frameworks like ASP.NET MVC (C#) and Django (Python). Done n thousands of queries to PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB and DynamoDB. Have put a lot of stuff on RabbitMQ and Redis queues. Will definitely throw stuff on Kafka and Kinesis streams...


Analytics & BI

Always ready to set up custom GTM tracking or GA reporting, create analytics pipelines or render visualizations with Tableau or Klipfolio


Cloud computing

Working with AWS, GCP or Azure to build dynamic, scalable architectures with a serverless mindset. Hey, this site is built with AWS Lambda and API gateway!

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